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There are many types of promotional Duffel bags available for businesses to promote themselves.  This article looks at some of the popular Duffel bags such as laptop bags, travel duffel bags and sports duffel bags that can be imprinted and used as business gifts.

Promotional Duffel Bags

Promotional duffel bags are an extremely popular business gift. There are so many different types and styles that it is necessary to explain them all. Whatever your budget, you should be able to find a promotional bag that is perfect for your company or club.

The Duffel bags that are seen most often are the plastic patch handle carrier Duffel bags. These are the Duffel bags that are popular at exhibitions and conferences. They can be printed in up to three colours and are available in ten popular colours. Plastic carrier duffel bags are the least expensive promotional bags. They are now available in a new eco-friendly biodegradable material.

Travel duffel bags are also big sellers especially with companies that have staff that are on the road a lot. If you have ever been in an airport, you will see that all of the airline staff have matching travel Duffel bags with their airline’s logo on them. This really looks classy and gives a good impression of the airline. Suit bags are also very popular with the business traveller.

Laptop bags are popular with all types of business people. These duffel bags are generally very high quality. Most come padded so that the laptop inside doesn’t get dinged if it is hit. The most popular laptop duffel bags have handy inside pockets to carry discs, USB memory sticks, computer mice and literature.

If you are into sports, you may like to look at the many canvas sports duffel bags on the market. These are available in varying qualities and colours. Sports Duffel bags are the perfect gift for football, cricket, rugby and tennis teams. Sports teams really look the part when they show up to an event carrying matching bags and dressed in matching promotional clothing.

Conference Duffel bags are usually quite compact. They are made to hold a folder and perhaps some literature. These Duffel bags usually have pockets for a mobile phone, pens, and other important products one needs when attending an important conference. As they do not normally need to hold a lot, they are available in lightweight nylon bags that looks and feels great.

Lastly, there are the increasingly popular cotton and jute shopper duffel bags. These Duffel bags have become a very big seller in the past few years. Supermarkets are steering away from handing out free plastic shopper duffel bags that are bad for the environments. The cotton and just shopping duffel bags are very heavy duty so they are much easier to use than the plastic shopper Duffel bags.

For more information about all of the different bag types available, contact your promotional gift supplier. They should be able to supply pictures and samples if required. It is worth noting that most stylish duffel bags are available in quite a few colours to match your corporate look.

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